The Lurker BelowLast night the guild was scheduled to go to Tempest Keep our target was Solarian. We all get out to Netherstorm and zone in before Heelium, our new not so new senior raider, realizes that we have no Protection Paladin to tank the adds during the boss fight. Unwilling to spend our development night on what looks to be certain a loss, we shift gears and race to Serpentshrine Cavern to try our hand at The Lurker Below. The group is Ranged DPS strong with 4 Mages and 3 Warlocks so Heelium and Myraculous, the guild leader, a both feeling confident about this attempt.

Lurker is a long fight, with two alternating phases and one nasty head-in-ass punishing ability. The combat takes place in a circular water filled cavern. The cave has a few platforms for the raid members to stand on, the water around the platforms is very hot and does 500 “Scalding” damage every few seconds so you don’t want to stay in it if you don’t have to. The first phase is the boss in a general tank and spank situation, with the added joy of Lurkers Spout ability, this is that wake up and play for real or you lose ability I mentioned before. Periodically through the phase Lurker well Spout which is like a high pressure water cannon that rotates completely around the room. If the spout hits you it blows you backwards to the edge of the circular room and does about 7k damage. In order to avoid the damage everyone jumps into the water taking the minimum damage until the spout goes past the its back out onto the platform to continue the beating.

In phase two the lurker submerges and adds spawn on the platforms that the raid is standing on. Most of the adds are non elite ranged dpsers, but three on the adds are Elite Melee Dps types that can do up to 9k damage on leather. Lurker only stays submerged for a few minutes so it is important to kill all the adds before he gets back. As soon as he surfaces he spouts and again and the fight continues like that until you wipe, or win.

On our first attempt phase one was no problem but the first time the adds spawned the elite slaughtered the Mage who was going to sheep it. Free to run around he, of proceeds to slaughter me (of course) and then several others before getting someone gets him under control. The loss of a few healers is enough to set off a chain reaction which quickly wipes the raid.

The next two attempts go similarly. Phase one and the spouting is no problem, eventually the spawns over power us and we wipe. With each wipe we get a little closer to the win. On our second to last attempt we get lurker down to around 15% (sorry I don’t remember the exact figure). Each attempt has taken about 15 minutes and we have twenty minutes left before the trash re-spawns so we quickly get back into positioned get buffed up and ready for our certain victory.

This final attempt is beautiful, we finally have the add situation under control we make it through two complete cycles with everyone still up. The length of the fight has seriously diminished our mana pool and we’re starting to show signs of weakening. The main tank falls, but is quickly replaced by the OT. We’re still rolling. By the fourth submerge lurker is down to 3%. OMG ZERG it! The tank is still up and there are maybe 9 others still remaining. Then for the first time all night the spout is what gets us…

…all but three people forget about the spout in their haste to zerg the boss that last 3%. The three fight bravely and the tank and lurker end up all alone head-to-head.

Then they both disappear. At first it appears that both have died simultaneously, but this is not the case. Lurker re-submerged and the tank is the one who died. Excitement turns to despair as we realize our defeat, then recognize that there is a minute left before the trash re-spawns and it’s too close to midnight to clear it all out and try again.

Dr. Claw
“Next Time, Gad…Lurker. Next Time”.