While slumming through the Druid Class Fourms today I came across a thread started by a disgruntled druid (you thought I was going to say shaman didn’t you). Harbls from Spinebreaker wants what was promised to the Druid Class before the first release of WoW- Ambient Form.


“Whatever happened to the promised Ambient form? It was on the WoW “under development” page until WoW came out, then it slowly faded, talk lessened, and now it seems completely forgotten.

You’d have no attack, slowed movement speed, but be smaller, and your name would disappear and be replaced with “Chipmunk – Level 1.” Or at least that’s what the page said.

The point of ambient form was purely for giggles/fun. If I recall correctly, Druids are supposed to bring “fun and flavor” to the world or some BS like that. Well aside from tasting delicious and arguably being a class dominated by amicable players, why can’t I turn into a god damn gopher?”

As a Resto Druid I can see where a non-combat form could be very useful considering everytime I switch into tree form in a BG it activates the ZOMG KILL Talent that every other class seems to possess. I may not die quickly but I definetly die frequently…

Looking at all the ambient forms out there I started thinking maybe Druids should have a talent that would allow them to transform themselves into the form of any targeted ambient creature. A rat in the SW-IF Tube would be cool or a cow outside of Stormwind… The roleplaying possiblities would be endless and just think of how many childrens stories could be machinema-ed.

If you could be any critter which would you choose and why?