Periodically while reading Druid blogs all around the interweb I have little epiphanies. I remember the overwhelming sense of awe (and duh) I felt when I learned that Lifebloom could be rolled on a target to prevent it blooming…

Moonglade Teleport: Moonglade
120 Mana
10 sec cast
Teleports the caster to the Moonglade.

I was speced Feral from 60-70 and started raiding Karazhan as an OT so I never bothered to figure out what that new healing spell I got at lvl 64  had was capable of. When soloing I would stack LBs on myself before starting a tough pull but when in Bearform I couldn’t exactly reapply. 

Another ability that I recently learned I should be utilizing is Thorns… I stopped using Thorns back in MC when we first started using a DPS Warrior. At the time my Healbot (greatest add-on ever) was set-up to buff all Warriors with Thorns when out of combat. The Fury Warrior got crabby that he had to keep cancelling it, there was QQ on Vent so I turned it off altogether (wasn’t do much damage anyways)… Today I read a good post by Phaelia (another druid with a Gaelic name poor girl) on the effectiveness of Thorns in multi-mob tanking and tonight I’ll be adding it back into my buff rotation.  

Another ability that I do not use frequently enough is Swiftmend. I know, I know… back pre-BC I remember used Swiftmend all the time especially once multiple druids could have Rejuvenation up on the same target (Swiftmend to burn the other Druids HoT then apply my own. Top of the healing meter here I come…  JK… no I’m not… Yeah I am…)   

My cast sequence has been stuck in a rut lately, since I discovered the power of Lifebloom I have been rolling Lifebloom on the tank/tanks and throwing a rejuvenation/regrowth when the damage was high enough to merit it then passing LBs onto the raid, or regrowth onto DPS casters during AOEs.

I realized today that I should be more flexible in my healing style when I read a good descriptionof druid healing styles and when to use them.  I will be putting Bigtoys suggestion into practice very soon. Besides improving my healing efficiency it sounds like it might make healing more interesting then watching the GCD Timer and Lifebloom baby-sitting.