High Astromancer SolarianThe best raiding nights are those in which you can down a boss an hour with so little durability loss that you make money on the endeavor.

Last night Resurrection took our fourth crack at Solarian. The second boss in our progression through The Eye, (Void Reaver is on farm status). In the past we’ve had hardware and n00b issues that were preventing us from seeing what a truly easy fight this girl is.

For those who don’t know the fight High Astromancer Solarian. Is a two phase fight, with serious anti-raid abilities but little melee damage output for your tank to worry about. In phase one she casts Arcane Missile on any random raid member. The spell is non-interruptible and will lay waste to raid members who don’t catch heals. Many healers use a macro to cast a down-ranked short cast time heal on Solarian’s target. Like this one:

/cast [modifier:alt,target=player] [help] [target=targettarget,help] [target=player] Healing Spell

Personally I have my action bars set-up so that I can mouse-over cast easily. So I set my focus to Solarian and mouseover the focus target frame and spam my heal of choice. I prefer this method because I can down-rank more or less healing based on the targets health when they first get targeted.

She also gives random a player a debuff “Wrath of the Astromancer” this person is essentially a suicide bomber. If they stay near the raid they will wipe you. So as soon as someone is debuffed they drop everything and run away from the group. When they blow up, assuming they are clear of the raid, they get a rocket ride to the ceiling and some damage from falling (approximately 4k damage total). If they stayed near the raid everyone in range gets KTHXBYEd. We use the add-on SolarianAlarm to help alert the player of the debuff.

As a Resto-Druid you do have to be aware of your decreased mobility in tree-form. It is absolutely possible to stance dance out of Tree and get clear of the raid. Be advised though that you have to stay on your toes as you’ll get a second less jump time as you switch stances.

Also during phase one Solarian will teleport to the center of the room vanish and summon a handful of non-elite adds. These are easily dispatched if the whole raid is pig-piled in the center of the room and you have an AoE Pally Tank to grab aggro, then you can simply AoE them down and get ready for Solarian to reappear.

When she comes back she brings two elite priests with her, keep these adds stun-locked/silenced until they are dead so that they cannot heal the boss. Once the adds are gone go back to full DPS and macro/mouseover healing. Repeat as necessary.

At 20% Solarian goes into phase two, better called EZ Mode. Solarian takes the form of a giant Void Walker. In this form she’ll continue casting bolts on a random target and she will fear everyone in melee range so Fearward your tank and start celebrating because the hard part is over. ZERG her the last 20%, laugh, take a raid first photo, loot. Go slaughter Lurker….

Resurrection Downs Solarian