This is a Nice oneThe holidays really put a damper on the guilds progression through The Eye and Serpentshrine Cavern. There were so many people away that Myraculous postponed 25 Man raiding from the 21st until the 3rd. People still ran 10 mans and Heroics, but for what ever reason I could never find a group, so I spent the week off leveling my Shaman and Skiing.

On Tuesday I happened to be around when the Guild threw together a Gruul’s Lair run. We owned it of course and I got my Tier 4 Shoulders <beams>. Gruul is such a cake walk that we had tons of time left and decided to run Kara to finish out the night. Stoked to turn in my Tier 4 Token I hearted to Shat, only to get hung up in the load screen. 5 minutes go by and the Inn still hasn’t loaded. Undaunted, I reload WoW and again I can’t get past the load screen… Frantic now realizing that I’m going to lose my raid spot, I log onto my Shaman to let the guild know why I went Offline and to petition the GM. For the most part I hear good things about GMs. Phaelia and other bloggers are always saying how helpful they are. On my server the GM is NOT helpful. In fact everytime I have opened a ticket I have been disappointed by the GMs response time, demeanor and lack of willingness to help me. This time was no different. I waited from 9:30-11:30 for a response and actually fell asleep at my desk waiting…

Last night I tried again, with the exact same result Sioban is still stuck, and no one answered my ticket. Before you suggest the unstuck feature or clearing my WTF, Cache, and Interface or running the Repair program know that I di. I also had my cousin and good buddy Kuriand try logging on with Sioban to verify that it is not my machine. Nothing. Again I waited with and open ticket as long as I could keep my eyes open, from 8:30-12:30 with no response. So this morning I shoot an email to Blizzard Support through the websites Email Form. I explain the problem and the steps I’ve taken and explain that I have already done the In-game ticket thing twice without reply both times. Then mere moments ago I get and email inistructing me to wait for it rename my WTF, Cache and Interface Folders then reboot and log-in, if this doesn’t work OPEN ANOTHER IN-GAME TICKET FOR FURTHER ASSISTANCE!!! Further assistance WTF assistance have I receieved so far? I sent another nice email to those helpful smart boys over in the support department, thanking them for their hard work and dedication… We’ll see if I get the same response again.

Until then I hear Lord Of the Rings Online is a great game maybe I’ll go give that a try.