Look at Those Camel ToesDue to some technical difficulties and lack of raid spots I have not been able to raid since well before Christmas, with the exception of one quick run into Gruul’s Liar. Located in Blade’s Edge Mountain, Gruul’s is a 25 Man instance with two bosses and minimal trash. My guild Resurrection has had Gruul’s on farm for a few months now and I have picked up a few items, most recently Pauldrons of the Fallen Defender, which gets me Tier 4 Shoulders my first Tier piece since Molten Core.

The first boss In Gruul’s Lair is High King Maulgar. This ugly bugger is only about 5 trash pulls into the instance. Continuing the multi-tank theme that pervades the BC expansion this boss has 4 servants each of whom requires a tank. Besides standard tank classes (2 or 3 Warriors, maybe a Druid or two), you will need to use some less typical tanking classes, a Mage will definitely need to tank, and you may use two Hunters or Shaman as well.

Maulgar’s Servants are (in Kill order):

1. Blindeye the Seer- Priest:

Standard Tank, requires very little Healing
Blindeye will sheild himself and begin casting an AOE heal it is imperative that your melee DPS burn through this so they can interrupt the spell as it will heal the other mobs for about 40%.

2. Olm the Summoner- Warlock:

2 Warriors or 1 Warrior and 1 Enslaved Felhound, 3 Healers will heal Blindeye and Olm Tanks
Olm will summon a Felhound every 60 secs, the first will be immediately after the pull Banish it or Enslave it if your short on tanking. Olm will also Deathcoil the main tank doing about 2K damage and fearing (1 target) and healing Olm for ~4K. Olm also has a DoT which can be healed through or dispelled if you enslaved a Felhound.

3. Kiggler the Crazed- Shaman:

2 Hunters, or Shaman, or anyone with ranged damage and NR, 1 Healer should suffice initially but when the DPS starts he will AOE so your free healers need to be ready to heal the raid.
Kiggler has a 20 yard AOE Knockback, and does primarily Nature Damage so your tanks will stack NR and stay at least 20 yards away. To make things interesting Kiggler will periodically sheep the top of his aggro list so have a second tank ready to jump in and take over.

4. Krosh Firehand- Mage:

1 Mage will Spellsteal his Fireward Sheild 1 Healer with a Preist on guard in case Spellsteal is resisted.
Krosh does a 7k fire damage AOE Blastwave every 3-5 seconds, because of this Krosh is kept where he stands and the raid stays clear of him. When it comes time to DPS him down use ranged damage only.


2 Tanks- 1 Phase I, 1 MT 1 OT Phase II, 3 Healers until DPS starts.
Maulgar has two phases. During the first he has two abilities Arcing Smash, a cleave that hits for 8k-12k on plate in an area in front of the boss, he also does a hefty Whirlwind that hits for 7k on plate. The Whirlwind has a cooldown so you can have the Melee DPS run in and out in order to get him to shift into Phase II at 30% health.
In Phase two Maulgar enrages loses his Hammer but gains a Fear and Charge abilities. The fear has a limited range (won’t affect Ranged DPS or Healers) so keep the MT Fear Warded and some Tremor Totems should help to keep the proximity DPS in place. Maulgar will charge non feared targets after each fear so have the MT ready to drag him back or have an OT do your dragging for you.

Druid healing for this fight can be a challenge, if you can get yourself assigned to Priest/Warlock Healing, then know your tank order you should be able to keep the Priest Tank up without problem while still being in range to roll LB on the Mage and Warlock Tanks. As you move through the room you will probably be best to switch to spot healing until you are close enough to start rolling LBs on the Maulgar MT. Your LBs will do more than anyone realizes to minimize the spike damage on the MT (8k-11k on plate) and it will give the MT healer a little breathing room. You should roll LBs while continuing to support the raid with spot Regrowth Casting and you could concievably roll LBs on another target at the same time.

Resto Druid Drops: