Light's JusticeIt is a law of WoW that the day you enchant a piece of gear is the day that the upgrade you’ve been hoping for drops. I had been resisting the pressure to enchant my Epoch-Mender in hopes of an upgrade for far too long. Finally I broke down and Myra my guild leader agreed to enchant it with the mats and gold from the guild bank (thank you). Of course that same night Light’s Justice lands in my bags. This time the guild bank can’t be quite as generous and honestly I didn’t ask about it for a while (I’m no help slut, I may be a loot whore, but show me a druid who isn’t).

Inevitably, I find myself farming the primals and shards (I’m a cheap tree), not a problem it just takes time and as the previous post shows I have tons of free time. While running Heroic Ramparts for rep and hopefully a shard) I won BOE Blue drop and I asked the DEing warlock to tear it up for me. We started telling about my enchant goals and he volunteers to sell me the rest of the shards I need at a discount, nice guy.

After the run we go to SW and he does the enchant and I get on a bit of a roll. I spend all of the gold that I’d been pathetically gathering for my Epic Flight Form, and ended the day with 3 more enchants:

  • +81 Healing and +27 Spell Damage to Weapon
  • +30 Healing and +10 Spell Damage to Bracers
  • +35 Healing +12 Spell Damage and 7 mana per 5 sec. to Head

Bringing me to a grand total of 1616 +Healing unbuffed and 0 Gold in my mount fund /cry. I still have a few pieces that desperately need upgrades and enchants.

Since we’re on the subject here’s a list of all the best Tree Specific Enchants:

If you’re not a Tree but you are looking to enchant your gear you should check out this guide It’s a good resource now I need to go farm some primal shadows for my subtlety to cloak enchant, 2% could just save my bark.