Morogrim TidewalkerSo a few nights ago Resurrection ran around and finished up our farm content for the week. We started with Tidewalker in SSC, this was the Guild’s second time dropping the big man, but my first “successful” run.

Balyon one of the Paladins has been creating videos of our attempts so that we can continue to improve our technique and show new guild-raiders how we handle each boss. I thought you might like to see- Resurrection-vs-Tidewalker. Our Ventrillo chat is the sound track (not appropriate for work).

If you watch the video closely you’ll see that I die twice. The first time I’m not actually sure what happened, I think that there may have been one or two ticks of Lifebloom on the tank as the murlocks ran up the hallway, which must have been enough to pull them all on to me before the Paladin could pick them up.

My second death was well deserved. I went to move my Speedpad and mis-clicked hitting my Tranquility button. Since my party was all a little down on health I thought I’d let it go for a few ticks without realizing that the Murlocks were closing in on our location -OOPS- That was a KThanksBye and with no Rebirths remaining I had plenty of time to think about how I was going to remap my keys to avoid accidental casts of rarely used huge aggro generating abilities.

In a sad attempt to remain of some use to the raid I began calling out Morogrim’s health percentage in Raid Chat. It was not exactly the contribution I was hoping to make. Learn to play, Sioban. LEARN TO PLAY.

If your looking for a complete write up of our strategy please see this guide from Note that we use the second positioning strategy instead of the first.