This is the first installment of what will hopefully become a complete guide to Karazhan. I am fortunate that I have so many real life friends who play WoW with me. Recently my father and two cousins completed their attunement quests and are gearing up to get into their first ten mans ever. As the most experienced player in the family it falls to me to lead them so I’m writing this guide as part research and part observation I intent to make tweaks to the guide based on our own personal strategies and group dynamics, so that I don’t have to stay a quasi-scraper for too long.

The StablesThe Stables:

The initial area in Karazhan contains four types of mobs, two bosses, although no one ever does one of them, and a handful of NPCs.


The first trash pulls in the instance are on a 25 minute timer. You need to kill Attumen & Midnight before the timer is up because as the mobs respawn they will run in and join the fray. So if you find yourself standing at the boss pull with 24 minutes passed you may as well go back and start again.

Spectral Charger– UNDEAD <Crowd Controllable> Chargers have a short range charge that does a fair amount of damage and causes a short term stun. The charge ability can be avioded by staying at max range and by having melee stay in tight. Chargers also do an AOE fear so make sure you are working in a clear area, often times pulling into the next room.

Spectral Stallion– UNDEAD <Crowd Controllable> Stallions cause a debuff “Absorb Vitality” which gives -20 Stamina and -20 Strength and can stack up to 10 times and is not dispel-able. Fortunately the debuff does not last long so focused DPS is enough to ensure that your tank is not severely effected.

Spectral Stable Hand– UNDEAD <Crowd Controllable> Spectral Hands heal the Chargers or Stallions that they are grouped with to avoid this these mobs should either be the primary DPS target or should be shackled/ice trapped. They also have a Knockdown ability which causes a brief stun.

Spectral Apprentice– UNDEAD <Crowd Controllable> Melee DPS style mob with limited capabilities, true trash mob.

Attumen the Huntsman & Midnight:

This has three basic phases, the first is just Midnight by himself. Midnight has no special abilities and is a simple tank and spank until 95% when Attumen realizing that your beating his steed like a rented mule runs to the rescue. A tank should pick up the Huntsman as soon as he spawns and move him away from the rest of the group. If possible a Misdirect from a Hunter would be helpful so that the tank need not move into the group. Attumen has a frontal cleave ability in this phase but you should not have to worry because the only person in front of him or anywhere near him should be the tank. All DPS should remained focused on Midnight. When Midnight is brought to 25% Attumen will “mount up” and all aggro will be wiped. It is very important at this point that the Main Tank be allowed to get a head start on the threat meters, if you have a Misdirect available this would be another good time to use it. In his mounted form Attumen still has his cleave so all your Melee DPS need to be certain they are behind him, his also has an AOE Curse ability which reduces chance to hit by 50%, the if you have a warrior tank he should spell reflect the curse back onto Attumen. A Mage or Druid should be at the ready to decurse the raid starting with the tank. Mounted Attumen will also do a Charge randomly on anyone in the raid which does some significant damage to the victim then he’ll run straight back to the MT.

The most challenging part of this fight is the transition when Midnight is at 25%. In order to make it go more smoothly the DPS should hit the escape key and count to 5, healers should make sure that the tank is staying completely healed during the last 5% (from 30% down to 25%) then they should not cast any heals until they see the tank has build some threat (Omen is a great add-on for threat monitoring) after the mounting.

During the 3rd phase the raid should be taking very little damage, with the exception of the Charge Targets and the Tank. In fact if the raid is correctly positioned and the tank keeps Attumen turned no one else should take any damage. If your tank pulls Attumen with his/her back against the wall then everyone else in the raid can make friendlies with the “business end” of the horse. In a tight clump in melee range no one gets charged, and everyone wins.

Resto Druid Strategy:

In phases one and two roll Lifeblooms on your two tank targets until Midnight reaches about 27% then stop, you want to make sure that all your hots have expired before Attumen Mounts up. As soon as the tank lands the first hit you can begin reapplying HOTs. It is probably best to start your rotation with Rejuvenation so that you have Swiftmend as an emergency button in case your other healer gets charged. While rolling LB on the single tank in the final phase it is most likely going to be up to you to Decurse. I recommend that you make sure to get your tank first, then hit as many of your top DPSers as you can before you have to LB the Tank again, you should only be able to get about 5 people Decursed before the debuff wears off anyways. Using Nature’s Swiftness and Healing Touch will help you to heal a Charged target when you also have decursing to do otherwise I would recommend throwing a Regrowth right after you cast your updating Lifebloom.

There is no Resto-Druid gear to speak of off this boss although you may pick up the Bracers of the White Stag to throw into your DPS Caster set (assuming you don’t have a Moonkin Druid in your group)