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Each day that the coefficient of plus healing for Lifebloom remains reduced on the Public Test Realms it seems more likely that the nerf will end up going live in patch 2.4. I am not looking forward to some future Tuesday when I will get home and fire up WoW only to be met with the Patch Loading screen, meaning that my viability in raids will be significantly reduced.

I enjoy my current style of healing and feel that I am fairly proficient at it. I do not just cast LB on everything as some non-Druids think. I keep my stacks rolling on the tank/tanks then heal the raid with a combination of Rejuvenation, Regrowth, Swiftmend, and when available Nature’s Swiftness and Healing Touch. I’m not just a one trick pony. I do not have the best healing gear in my guild, not even close in fact, fully buffed I’m around 1750. With focus and a lot of effort I manage to pull my weight in Serpentshire Cavern.

It saddens me that Blizzard asked for our feedback about our class, sat politely, then unhearing handed down a nerf  withdrawing to a place of silent unresponsiveness. Unwilling to even comment on their intentions or motivation for the change. I am not alone in my wondering and worrying about these changes. Many others in the community have also expressed their concerns. You can check out what they have to say here:


Nerf BallNo it’s not a foam weapon, like the balls we hurtled at each other in Elementary School Gym Class. This Nerf Bat hits like a sonofabitch and it leaves welts. Throughout my druid career I have been relatively happy with the decisions of the development team when it came to druids. I was ecstatic when they made Regrowth and Rejuvenation stackable. I sang praises when as the Tank I could do more damage than the DPS, when the nerf to bear form damage came I was still feral but I did not hold it against the Dev Team. Anyone could see that my abilities were outside of the design of my class.

Recently, my sentiment has been changed. When Zul’Aman went live and offered essentially nothing that would help me to fulfill my role, I was a bit cheesed. The fact the there were so few upgrades available to me through Heroic Badges, had me a little discouraged. The most recent news has me downright pissed. Read the rest of this entry »

Wizardry Start ScreenEveryone who has ever played any sort of RPG has faced the daunting challenge of coming up with the “right name” for their character. I can spend so much time before the game even starts, feeling the immense pressure of needing a name that conveys my considerable coolness. A name that explains something about my character and is some how fantastical enough for the RPGs I play. I have spent so much time that I still remember the character creation page of every RPG I’ve played. Going all the way back to Wizardry on the original Nintendo. I don’t remember anything about the game play or even the character names I chose but I still remember those first few minutes sitting there choosing a persona that I would be taking up for the next several month or years. In the case of Wizardry your beginning stats were random so you created your characters multiple times until you got a roll with the most points possible. You could spend hours just creating your first character, In the almost entirely text based interface staring at your 13″ TV Screen. Read the rest of this entry »

This week I think I found the balance of Real Life and WoW that works for me. Due to a limited number of Raid Spots I did not raid this week, I could have, don’t get me wrong. I spent only three nights out of the past seven at the computer. Having four nights free gave me time to spend with my wife. We took a two long rides together on her new snowmobile, spent a night with her family and last night, being Valentines Day, we spent the evening hanging out together without so much as a radio on. I think that there have had so much free time that it has started to annoy Mandy. By now she’s probably wishing for more “ME” time.

Since I haven’t been raiding I spent some time leveling a Mage with a few Real Life Friends. Back when I started playing WoW I played almost exclusively with people I knew in Real Life. The two people who got me into WoW and I created a guild called Benevolent Savages. BS was a mature social guild, we worked together through levels 1-60 playing casually, running instances, and doing teh peeveepee. We picked up the occasional additional player when they showed themselves not to be complete asshats. Read the rest of this entry »

My guild Resurrection tries to run 25 mans with just one RestoDruid, sad I know. I think it’s because most of the boss guides out there recommend 2 Pallys, 2 Preists, 2 Shaman, and 1 Druid, with more Pallys or Priests on healing heavy fights. Because of this Uni-Tree approach I frequently compete with another Druid for my spot (until one of the slacker pallys is a no show then we run two). Unfortunately for me the guilds other raiding druid Xupiter is a golden boy, perfect attendance, better gear, nicer smile… So lately I’ve been put into a situation where I get to raid on the bosses that he doesn’t need anything from. Not the best situation to be sure but I can’t dedicate the time to get a primary spot anyways. On the plus side I get to raid mostly on farm bosses, so the repair bills are lower.

In order to facilitate this arrangement it has become necessary for me to generate a list of which bosses I need gear from. So lucky you I’m doing a 25 Man Resto Druid Gear Guide, for now I’ll stick with the content that we are currently working on.

Gruul’s Lair   LB +Heal MP5 Spi Int Sta Miscellaneous Up
High King Maulgar                  
Pauldron’s of the Fallen Defender Shoulder 33.45 68 5 19 23 19 Shoulderguards of Malorne, T4,2 Blue Sockets E
Gruul the Dragonkiller                  
Cowl of Nature’s Breath Head 31.25 92   34 42 34   Y
Leggings of the Fallen Defender Legs 37.73 84 10 26 38 30 Legguards of Malorne, T4 N
Teeth of Gruul Neck 24.22 46 8 19 21     Y

The LB Points come directly from the Healing Gear List, I like that index for comparing Resto Gear. Read the rest of this entry »


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