Nerf BallNo it’s not a foam weapon, like the balls we hurtled at each other in Elementary School Gym Class. This Nerf Bat hits like a sonofabitch and it leaves welts. Throughout my druid career I have been relatively happy with the decisions of the development team when it came to druids. I was ecstatic when they made Regrowth and Rejuvenation stackable. I sang praises when as the Tank I could do more damage than the DPS, when the nerf to bear form damage came I was still feral but I did not hold it against the Dev Team. Anyone could see that my abilities were outside of the design of my class.

Recently, my sentiment has been changed. When Zul’Aman went live and offered essentially nothing that would help me to fulfill my role, I was a bit cheesed. The fact the there were so few upgrades available to me through Heroic Badges, had me a little discouraged. The most recent news has me downright pissed.

I do not usually participate in Player vs. Player. My 2v2 Team has a total of 10 games under it’s belt. I have exactly one welfare epic from the Battle Grounds. I understand that PvP is a way that many players enjoy the game and I am all for it. I just don’t do it. So the recent changes on the PTR which seem to be an attempt to better balance PvP have me in a snit.

As a PvE Resto Druid I am NOT overpowered. If anything I am a little behind the curve when it comes to raid makeup. I struggle to get my raid spot because Resto Shamans are more efficient group healers than I am (even if they have shit gear), Holy Paladins, have better buffs than I do, and my Guild Leader is a Circle of Healing Priest so he is in love with that style of play.

On the Public Test Realms they have lowered the coefficient of +healing that the Lifebloom ability receives from gear. What does this mean well for a RestoDruid? Well it means that you can expect to see about 8% less healing per tick of Lifebloom (Resto4Life). This is a huge Nerf. If you are the type of druid who has been rolling Lifebloom on multiple tanks (which you should be) then Lifebloom is a massive amount of your total heals cast.

Lets look at the most common Lifebloom spell rotations:

I start every fight with a Rejuvenation on the Pulling Tank so that if there are two Critical Strikes in a roll I can Swiftmend the Tank and Prevent an early tank drop. For the sake of these calculations let’s say that we cast Rejuvenation on the Raid instead of Lifebloom so that if the Mage keeps getting whacked we can rescue them, understanding that many times we actually cast Lifebloom on the raid as well because we are confident that whoever took damage won’t be requiring a Swiftmend. For the sake of argument I examined the first 25 secs of each type of fight thats 13 Casts and 12 Global Cool Downs.

So for our example the cast sequence would be:

  • Rejuvenation then three Lifeblooms on the Tank
  • Three Instant Cast Heals on the Raid
  • Lifebloom on the Tank
  • Three Instant Cast Heals on the Raid
  • Lifebloom on the Tank
  • One Instant Cast on the Raid

That bring us to the 25 second mark. Heres the break down of the four most common Lifebloom rolling situations-

  1 Tank 2 Tank 3 Tank 4 Tank
Lifebloom 5 9 10 12
RJ, SM, NS/HT 8 4 3 1
Percent LB 38.4 69.2 76.9 92.3

In a 1 Tank Situation you would cast 5 Lifeblooms and 8 Rejuvenations or Swiftmends. So Lifebloom is 38.4% of your casts. But in a more common 2 or 3 Tank fight Lifebloom represents a much more significant part of our Spell Casting. In a 3 Tank fight the 8% Nerf to one of our spells is more like a 6.1% Nerf to our Class, a class that was not overpowered in Player vs. Environment in the first place.

See all my math

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