Late last week the newest version of the PTR was released, and in it were the changes we’d been hoping for for so long, a PvP “balancing fix” instead of PvE nerf.

The Nerf to Lifebloom’s Heal over Time plus healing coefficient was reversed and the plus healing coefficient to the Bloom portion was lowered. This is good news for PvE Druids who were unsure what our roll would be if Patch 2.4 went live with those changes in place.

Where’s the buff, you ask? ( you maybe didn’t ask.) Besides the change to Lifebloom the PTR patch also holds a 20% reduction in the cost of Regrowth.

This is great news for Druids everywhere. Most especially PvE Resto Druids which I hope was the intention. With the changes to Mana regeneration and this reduction Regrowth should become a viable raid healing spell.

Let’s look at an example:

You are Rolling Lifebloom on 2 Tanks, when your Shadow Priest pulls aggro. In the past you had three options:

  1. Let the other healers handle it because you have no Raid Heal
  2. Cast a Rejuvenation on the Mana Battery so that if the damage spiked you could rescue heal with a Swiftmend
  3. Burn your Nature’s Swiftness CD and cast Healing Touch

Now you have a fourth, in my opinion superior, option. Cast Regrowth to direct heal them and more than 20 seconds of HoT which can help to finish topping off their health or can be used with a Swiftmend should they pull aggro again.

This could also have major implications for tank-less or random aggro fights like Solarian. Druids trying to raid heal used to have to cast severely down-ranked Regrowth because Healing Touch takes to long to cast (target at full health by the time it lands) and max rank Regrowth was too expensive(Druid OOM before the Fight gets to Stage II).

Thinking ahead to how this might affect the Healing Meters I am almost certain that we will not see this buff go Live. Considering that in the recent past the cries of “Nerf Druids,” obviously rang louder in the ears of the Development Team then our pleas of “don’t break my class”

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