This week I finally broke down and upgraded my home computer. The last machine, a Dell Dimension 4700, was starting to have more bad days than good. It was loaded with Malware, some of which I could not get off no matter how I tried, and the Video Card was over-heating on a regular basis. My new machine, Dell XPS 630,  is pretty sweet but I’ve had to spend the last few days installing WoW and getting my add-ons and UI “Raid Ready.”

Last week, I talked a little about my favorite peripheral the N52te Speedpad by Belkin. As great as it is to have all those buttons at your fingers they aren’t worth a damn if you don’t have abilities assigned under them,  that’s where Bongos2 comes in.

Delevoped by Tuller, in his words, “Bongos is an action bar replacement designed to be both low memory, and easy to setup. It is not as feature rich as other bar mods, but should include the features most commonly used”. I find Bongos2 to be the most reliable and intuitive Bar Mod avaiable. 

To use Bongos with an N52te I recommend changing the number of bars (in the main options frame) from the default ten to eight. Then changing the size of each bar from 10 buttons to 14 (in the bar’s options frame) this will give you the same number of buttons as are found on the keypad of your N52.  In order to get the layout of the bars to look like the speedpad you can change the columns to five.
Now you should have a bar with fourteen buttons in three rows 5 buttons in the top two rows and four in the bottom. This is my primary bar while in normal and Tree of Life Stances (top left button assigned to push-to-talk).

Druids are stance heavy classes. To maximize your use of all those abilities you’ll want to have a bar set-up for each of the following stances:

  1. Normal
  2. Bear
  3. Cat
  4. Prowl
  5. Tree of Life/Moonkin
  6. Travel Forms *optional

Once you have your bars populated with abilities you can assign the stances through the first or primary bar’s option panel. With that done you’ll also want to create a paged bar to hold your offensive/healing spells while in different forms (so you don’t have to stance dance to see your buttons).


I have just two paged bars one with my Offensive Caster abilities and one with my miscellaneous raid healing buttons (Buffs, Potions, Helathstones, Trinkets)

My paging bar is key bound to my N52te’s Red State and to access though abilities I simply hold my thumb button. I set my change pages to the scroll on my speedpad so that I can quickly switch from raid healing to offensive casting.

I rarely use my Bear and Cat forms when I do use them I tend to need them right away (sprint, prowl, cower, armor) so they are bound to my “second” or Paging Bar. I have them on both pages because I don’t want to have to remember which page I need when I’m in a rush to stance dance.
casterbar1.jpgIf you look at my cat bar here you can see that prowl is in the same position as Cat Form, this set-up allows me to double tap the button to go directly to prowl and since I have my stances set-up so well that instantly brings up all the abilities that are available to me as a sneaky cat.

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