There comes a time in every blogs life when he realizes that the free hosting he has been provided is limiting his ability to grow and change.

I’m currently working on a Self-Hosted WordPress blog which when completed (hopefully this weekend) will replace this Free Hosted WordPress location. I had no idea how much work it is to set-up a blog.

I have to thank my friends Phaelia and Josh for their advice and help, without them I know I would still be trying to figure out step 1. Here is some of the good advice I have gotten thus far.

  • When you decide on a domain name register it right away. Unsavory people can tell when someone has searched for the availability of a domain and will beat you to registering it in an attempt to extract money from you for your domain name.
  • Choose hosting that is right for you. Phaelia uses dreamhost and she likes it. Josh recommended I considered both sites and went with the more economical option; hostmysite costs about half as much as dreamhost and offers everything I’ll ever need for my little blog. Hostmysite has been pretty good to use so far and their customer support response time has been awesome. I wish that their Control Panel was easier to use, but they make up for it by almost instantly responding to any support emails you send, unlike the support for my favorite game which is slow and wholly useless…
  • Josh also recommended Google Apps for my domian email and analytics. With great analytics and mail capabilities you can tune in to your readership. The you can customize your blog’s content to what your readers are looking for.
  • Both Josh and Phaelia use I currently use it for my blogs but with free hosted wordpress many of feedburner’s best features are unsupported.

The new site is not ready yet, but you can check out my progress at

This blog will remain up until I am satisfied that the new one is perfect and is really working so don’t worry about changing your homepage just yet.