My guild Resurrection is caught in a tail spin. After a meteoric rise to the top ten of alliance guilds on our server essentailly adding a boss a week starting around opera and making it all the way through to the last bosses in SSC and TK, the progression has slowed, sputtered and died completely. In fact it has been a solid month since there have been enough people online in time for invites.

A number of factors come into play when a guild starts to tank. In our case I think the primary reason for the sudden stop is that the core group was playing beyond their natural balance. They are burned out. 25 Man Raiding 5 nights a week, then running Kara/ZA on weekends is too much for most people even hardcore raiders to maintain. Resurrection’s attendance policy is not to strict but when there is a list of people 45-50 long who are just waiting to gobble up your raid spot the pressure to not miss a raid is high.

The guild leadership Myraculous and Heelium, the people whose example the guild follows, are guys with real lives both have young children and real jobs. They both maintained an insane raiding schedule with nearly perfect attendance for longer than I ever could (I lost my raiding spot because my real life took me away from raiding a few nights a week).

It was inevitable that at some point something in their lives had to give. They still need money and their families still want to see them, so WoW was it. Over the course of the last month they have scarcely been online.

The other officers tried valiantly to lead raids but many of the active raiders took this opportunity for a break and came up with excuses not to run; some were on spring break, some didn’t bother with excuses they were just MIA, others were unwilling to run with new or less experienced people. Worse than the attendance was the attitude which pervaded the guild. It was a “no can do,” negative, defeatist, unwilling to try feeling.

When Heelium and Myraculous were around the Vent was never a place for bashing new people, it was not the Barrens-esque cacophony of dribble that it has been recently. there was no debate of roles, or questioning of the strategy or performance of other players. Vent was sometimes fun but mostly it was a tool for conveying information quickly, and celebrating the downing of bosses. Things flowed because there was respect for the leadership and a climate of success a positive willingness to try.

Last night was the first raid since the fracture and we had a ton of new people, No Raids led to Hardcore Raiders finding new Guilds. I felt good to be raiding again, the run was not great, many new people wer AFKers, which is impossible to predict until you get them into a raid, but most seemed capable and willing to listen and learn.

We cleared the TK Trash up to Al’ar with a only a few wipes (considering the break and the new people not bad at all) and since we had the geared tanks for it we put in a few attempts on the big bird. The Flame Buffet mechanic is a tough one for tanks to master, it is hard to explain to someone that they have to jump down as soon as they see the bird fly towards the center, and have them do it without dying a few times. We wiped 2-3 times before the “How many times are we willing to wipe on this” comment appeared in Guild Chat. Here we go again! <sigh>

I am hopeful that things will actually change, that the handful of regular raiders who stuck around are the type of people who will realize that we may have to take a step backward to get some people caught up before we can take some steps forward. Only time will tell, maybe the nay sayers will move onto easier loot-whore pastures.

I’ll keep you posted.