I’m not an expeditous leveler, I never have been. It took me forever to get my first character to sixty. My close friend and former guild mate Buttercup is about as far opposite of that as could be. She loves leveling characters, and she’s good at it, her system is fast and effective albeit a little counter intuitive. I recently took up my lvl 30 Mage again and have decided to get serious about leveling her to 70 so I asked my friend for some advice. Since I could use to streamline my level process I thought some of you could use the information as well:

Yay! Now I can cross ‘guest blogger’ off my list of things to do!

Character Selection:

When choosing an alt, choose a different character and class from your main. Mix it up a little. Choose a model that you are willing to look at for hours and hours. Lifebloomer said something funny when asked why he chose a female for his character, “Why would I want to pick a male character? I don’t want to look at his backside all day.”(True Story) So don’t be afraid to pick a hot female night elf and /dance, a lot.

In terms of class, I have one of each, except Shaman. They all level up at about the same rate, and every class has its advantages. Easiest for me to solo to 60 were:

  • Priest (shadow)
  • Rogue (I recommend being a dwarf because dwarves have that racial ability to ‘seek treasure’, and that is soooo helpful when you’re running around menethil, trying to find battered footlockers to level up your lockpicking.)
  • and Mage (can port themselves around, never have to wait for a boat after lvl 40!)

Hunter was great too, my pet was my tank and it was like playing with someone else all the time. I guess my first 60 my Warlock was like that too with her minion. Yeah, so any class is fine.

Level 1-5:

Nothing much to say here, the early levels are pretty self-explanatory. You’re just learning how your new character is going to work. My only hint here has to do with inventory management.

When your bag is full, run back and sell everything. Don’t delete stuff you don’t need and don’t get into the habit of leaving unwanted items on the bodies. It’s pennies now, but it turns into silver quickly, and those add up to gold.

All my characters are usually pretty rich, and it’s because I am a penny-grubber. When you finish your round of quests in your starting area, get to a major city immediately.

I always set my hearthstone in a major city, this allows me a quick port for training when I level up, and easy access to the auction house.

If you have another higher level character already, or if your guildies like you, get them to send 10 Gold to your new character. If your guildie is a tailor, have them send bags! Lots of bags! Demand runecloth bags. Or buy the cheapest bags from the action house. Get 4 bags, with as many slots as you can afford. This will drastically decrease the time you have to spend running back to town to sell stuff.

Remember to save at least 2 Gold for training and repairing.


When you hit your first main city, you can choose your professions. Some of my characters have the ancillary profs (cooking, fishing, first aid), and some don’t. It offers a little variety for when you’re tired of questing (go fishing!), but it does slow you down a bit. For money making, choose skinning and mining as your 2 main profs. These items always sell well at the AH.

If you’re planning to eventually have a lot of alts, it’s really convenient to have each profession represented. My first character was skinning and tailoring, so she could make bags for everyone. My next was herb/alc, so the same with potions. Then skinning/leatherworking. Then mining/blacksmithing. Then Mining/jewelcrafting. Then enchanting (and whatever).

Now that I have at least 1 alt who has each profession, I choose mining/skinning for my new alts.

Levels 6-10:

This is where you may think I’m crazy. But here’s my system, and it works for me. As soon as I’m done with the starting quests (when I’ve turned everything in and I only have the one quest left in which some guy tells me to report to the next level town’s inn), I deviate from the usual logical leveling. I don’t go to that inn yet. Instead, I go to the nearest starting area for ANOTHER RACE.

If I’m a Dwarf or Gnome, I go to the Human starting area outside Stormwind. Humans go to Dwarf/Gnome starting area. I go to that next starting area and do ALL the quests. I even do the grey ones. Laugh all you like, it’s my system. Even if your experience earned from turning in those quests isn’t as high for the grey ones, you still get all the rep, and being exalted later with drastically cut your lvl 40 and lvl 60 mount prices.

Being lvl 5 and up at this point makes blowing through this second starting area super fast. I accept all the quests, do all the quests, then run back and return them all. Because I have so many bag slots, I don’t have to run back just to sell stuff.

Remember to pick up those flight paths in the cities and towns!

When I’m done with all four of the ‘starter area’ level 1-5 quests, then I start the next round. By now, I have all four quests from guys telling me to go to the next town’s inn. So I just choose whichever inn I’m closest to and I do a few lvl 5-7 quests there. When I’ve finished all the grey and green quests, I move back to another 2nd level area and do those 5-7 quests, then the next, then the next. When I’m done with 5-7, I go to the lvl 8-10 quests. And so on.

At the beginning of the leveling of my new character, I’m almost always turing in grey quests. But this is mostly to build mad rep. I’m leveling up quickly enough, and after the first few rounds of 1-5, and 6-8, all the quests are at least green to me now, with a grey only here and there. So I’m always bouncing around doing my lowest level set of quests.

Never work on yellow, orange, or red quests, always grey and green, that’s the majority of my system.

Here are some other helpful hints:

  • ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS log out in an inn. It is more than worth it to have to get back to where you were than to pass up that rested experience boost. Experience you get while rested is doubled, so you level up that much faster. Sometimes I have 2 alts going so I’m only playing the rested one. Why work harder? Work smarter!
  • Cloth turn-in: Do it! Save your wool, silk, mageweave, and runecloth. Buy extra bank tabs if you need to store it all. At the tailor in each major city (ask a guard if you don’t know where), you can turn in cloth, 60 for each city. Approximate levels of turn-in: lvl 16 for wool, 26 for silk, 40 for mageweave and 50 for runecloth. If you don’t have enough to turn in all cities at once, just keep saving your cloth until you have 3 stacks, then go turn in another city. Write down which ones you’ve done, because you WILL forget. Don’t forget there are four separate turn ins for these quests 2 in IF (Gnomes and Dwarves)
  • Instances: Best thing you can do for lower level instances is a little research. Then run around and get every quest you can do before you start the instance. The best experience comes from turning in these quests, so get a 60-70 guildie to run you through VC, Blackfathom Deep, Stockades, Wailing Cavern, and Gnomeregan.You will fly through these instances much much faster with a 60-70 guide, and your experience/hour with quest turn-in is much better than if you join a group of 4 other lvl 20s trying to do VC. If you have every quest before you start, you’ll only need to do an instance once.I’m levelling so fast with my system, I don’t feel like I need to grind the instances for great equipment which will be obsolete in 5 levels.
  • Never grind! It’s boring, and pointless in terms of leveling. The majority of your experience is earned through turning in quests, so forget about grinding for an hour to hit that next level. Go finish a quest and turn it in instead.
  • Whenever possible, do a bunch of quests in the same area and turn them all in at once. When you’ve done all the quests a few times, you get to remembering what is available and you can easily be working on 3-4 quests at the same time. If harpies, spiders, and basilisks all live together, kill them all! finish all 3 quests at once and move along to the next area.
  • I often skip the elite quests. If you want to do a quick shout-out and see if you can put together a quick group to get it done, go for it. Don’t waste time sitting around and waiting for one, though. Often, you can wait until the elite quests is 4-5 levels lower than you, and you can go back and do it yourself then.
  • It’s okay to skip Astranaar and Ashenvale. Sometimes I do miss quests in an entire area if I’ve already got 20 green quests in my log, when I discover Astranaar, I’ll just skip it. These zones involve one heck of a lot of pre-mount running across a very wide area.

My hubby and I generally have a pair of characters leveling up together. If you have a buddy whose available time looks like yours, consider doing this because it’s endlessly helpful. Because I wake up HOURS before my hubbie, and I get in trouble if my character gets more than one level ahead, I usually do have at least one alt at all times. We’ve been playing for years (since beta), so at this point I have 8 characters above 60.

That’s it! Hope the pointers help. What did I forget? What works for you?

Buttercup (aka Savvy, Shiraz, Kittey, Helgia, Brutilda, Llucy, Zuzy, Lillieth….)