This is the, long time coming, second installment of my, hopefully one day, “Complete Guide to Karazhan”. To see the first installment you can click here. This second Boss in Kara is usually the group breaker. Groups should be built around this fight because the wrong mix here will make for a wasted trip.

After completing the Attumen the Huntsman and Midnight fight the raid should clear the last trash mobs in the stables to allow for quick in instance repairs, in case of wipes later on. Turning around and heading back towards the Main Entrance the raid turns and goes left up the staircase into towards The Grand Ballroom.

The Grand Ballroom:

This space is really more of an in between point than a destination, to the left is the next boss Moroes, and across the room to the right is the doorway to the rest of the instance. Trash:

Phantom Guest– Undead <non-elite> These mobs come in packs of up to 9 and have a variety of abilities, including physical damage, curse damage, fire damage and healing. These packs are easily AOEed down have your tanks generate as much aggro as possible, because of the healing abilities of some of these mobs it is important to keep them clumped together and burn them down as quick as possible.

Spectral Servant– Undead- Spectral Servants have a Curse of Past Burdens ability and little else. They patrol the ballroom around the packs of Phantom Guests if pulled individually they pose little to no threat to the group and are an easy tank and spank.

Skeletal Waiter– Undead- Waiters have a nasty debuff called Brittle Bones which periodically removes all armor from the target. This debuff is non dispel-able so if your tank gets it you should wait to have him take a beating until it wears off. The Skeletal Waiters pat around the Banquet Hall whoever is doing the pulling needs to be sure not to pick them up as adds to the packs of Phantom Guests. In order to prevent your tank from getting the debuff it is advisable to keep these mobs stun locked which is why it is particularly important to try and pull them individually.

Ghostly Steward– Undead- Stewards always come in pairs and are immune to Crowd Control and Taunt. They have a debuff called Drunken Head Crack, which dramatically increases melee damage taken. Because of this debuff these mobs should be tanks individually and your healers should all be awake and ready for some work before the pull. Once the Head Crack is applied expect the Tank to be tanking 4k damage per whack so over-healing is an acceptable strategy here. These mobs enrage at 20% health so focusing your DPS on one at a time will make your healers job a little easier.

Phantom Valet– Undead- DPS Warrior style mobs with a Demoralizing shout ability and a very high melee damage output. Immune to Taunt so a Mage not watching the threat meters will mean dead squishy…

Phantom Attendant– Undead- Crowd Control-able- Attendants and Spectral Retainers come in packs of three or four. They have a Shadow Rejuvenation (healing spell) and Curse of Agony ability. It is easy to skip these packs in the ballroom and you should. If you pull accidentally be sure to get your CC up quickly to limit the healing done to the rest of the pack.

Spectral Attendant– Undead- Immune to CC- The Attendants have a nasty set of abilities including Shadow Rejuvenation (healing), Mass Dispel, (can be very expensive if a flask is dispelled from you) and Mind Control (non dispel-able). As these mobs are CC immune they need to die first, if you accidentally pull them try to quickly move the raid into a clear area as they will cause havoc in your raid group. Better still you can skip them so be smart and do that…

The Banquet Hall

Through the door from the Ballroom is the Banquet Hall where a feast is laid out for Moroes, his close friends, and some assorted nasties. The nasties come in the form of AOE Packs of non-elites and hard hitting single pull elites (much like the Ballroom). The first few pulls should drag the mobs around the corner out of the room and down the stairs. Once the area around the door is clear you can move inside and finish the adds, then you are ready for:

Moroes and Friends:
Moroes always has four of the following six elite adds with him on the pedestal in the Banquet Hall. Each is susceptible to Crowd Control so as many as possible should be kept locked down while the Raid lays waste to the remaining guests then Moroes.

Guests in Kill Order (the last ones should be CCed first)

Lady Catriona Von’linda– Holy Priest, very squishy. Have all your DPS focus on her first because she will heal her friends if you try to take someone else out first.

Lady Keira Berrybuck– Holy Paladin. Keira has very low damage output so you can get away with no tanking her as long as you have good and focused DPS. She casts a Pally Buff (might) unto the other guests which should be dispelled, and as paladins are want to do she will heal the guests and Moroes. If you get both Catriona and Keira consider short CCing Keira so she doesn’t get a heal off on the holy priest.

Baroness Dorothea Milstipe– Shadow Priest, very squishy. High damage mob with a strong mana burn. Dorothea should be CCed or Kicked, Shocked, Counter Spelled until you get to her in your kill order. Her Mana Burn could effectively put a lesser geared healer out of the game so be careful.

Baron Rafe Drueger– Retribution Paladin. It is important to CC Baron because he will Hammer of Justice whoever is top of his aggro list and wander off to kill a healer. When assigned your CC for Baron it is best to have your more capable priest here because if the CC breaks he will stun them preventing a reapplication. His Damage output is high so you may want to have an OT hold his aggro when it comes time to drop him.

Lord Robin Daris– Mortal Strike Warrior, One Shot killing Machine. Robin is probably the biggest risk to your raid. His Mortal strike can one shot probably everyone but your tanks. So CC is key. When it comes time to down him watch out for his Whirlwind. He is stationary for it (thankfully) so just have your melee DPS drop back and avoid the unnecessary damage.

Lord Crispin Ference– Prot Warrior, low damage high survivability. Because of his low damage output you can kite him around the room until one of your CCs is available. Because he takes so long to kill it is common to wait until after you’ve downed Moroes to break the CC and kill him.

Rogue Boss, with Typical Roguish abilities.

Blind– Periodically Moroes casts blind on the second player on his aggro list. This player will wander around incapacitated for a while, this poison needs to be cleansed quickly.

Gouge– Brief Stun on the player at the top of the aggro list. This is why you put two tanks on Moroes so that he goes from the Main Tank to the OT instead of running around the room slaughtering your healers.

Vanish– Uber-Roguish Moroes vanishes for a few seconds then reappears to Garrote a random player.

Garrote– High Damage long lasting debuff. Garrote does over 1000 damage every three seconds for 5 minutes. On most of your party members you will have no choice but to heal through it. If you have a paladin he can use Blessing of Protection to remove the debuff. If at all possible try to use the cleanse on a healer as you will need them through the whole fight. Garrote is the real challenge of this fight as the fight stretches on more and more players will have the Debuff straining your healers until they can’t keep up. Bring enough DPS so that you can down Moroes quickly this is not a fight you wanna take into overtime.

Enrage– When Moroes gets down to 30% health he will enrage increasing his attack speed and damage significantly. As long as you have most of your raid up and your healers aren’t fighting against the strain of too many Garrotes you probably won’t even notice the change.


The key to this fight is the preparation. Your raid leader needs to assess the guests and set-up CC and kill order assignments and make sure to communicate what the strategy is to everyone in the raid. Breaking CC in this fight can be disastrous. If everyone is clear on their role you should be able to quickly get your CCs in place get your DPS Rolling and keep it rolling. If everything is done right the chatter should be minimal.

To start the pull have your tank and your off tank rush in and drag Moroes down the stairs. Your CC needs to happen quickly to prevent a huge damage as all the guests will be on your tanks in the first few seconds. Your DPS also needs to be quick on the draw to help get all the guests clear of the tanks so they can start building aggro.

When Moroes Blinds the Off-Tank he needs to be cleansed ASAP if Moroes gouges the Main Tank while the OT is Blinded he will go running amok on the raid.

If you are short on CC and decide to tank an addition guest through out the fight I recommend using your second best take on the guests and your third best can be the OT for Moroes.

Remember to have your Paladin use his Blessing of Protection to remove one Garrote and his divine shield on himself. If you have a Mage they can Ice Block out of the Debuff.

Once Moroes is at 30% and Enraged the battle becomes an all out Zerg. Your Healer will already be straining to keep up and in danger of going Out Of Mana the longer the fight lasts.

Resto Druid Tips:

During the pull all of your groups preists will be focused on getting their targets shackled, if you have Holy Paladin(s) it is likely that they will be Fearing Undead as well. So for the first few seconds you are it. In a lot of fights it is okay to set a single Lifebloom on the tank timed to expired just as he pulls to give him a little boost of threat, this is NOT one of those fights. As the pull is commencing start casting Healing Touch so that your tank does not get wiped out when all five targets hit him. After the CC is established your healing can go back to normal until the first Garrote.

Because of the nature of Druid healing you should be your groups primary Garrote healer. Get a stack of Lifebloom and a Rejuvenation on players with a Garrote Debuff and keep it up and they will be fine. If you end up with more than four Garroted players you can spam single Lifeblooms and Rejuvenations on multiple targets and hopefully keep most people in the game.

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