In the past I have mentioned my friend and former guild leader Josh. He is the one who stole my last name for his Paladin. Josh is my internet guru, he is the developer of a ColdFusion based web content manager software package called Savvy. I’m excited to announce Josh’s most recent side project I know it will make life easier for the entire Warcraft Blogging community.

WarcraftBloggers LogoKeeping all your World of Warcraft Feeds up-to-date on your feed reader is a daunting task. One that I know I don’t undertake frequently enough, which means I may be missing out on some great new content available out there in the Blogosphere. Fortunately someone has taken the time to develop a site that keeps all the most recent posts readily available. WarcraftBloggers puts all the recent posts from all the WoW Blogs out there right at your fingertips.

You can find entries a few different ways:

  • Home Page: Displays excerpts of all posts starting most recent first.
  • Search: Allows you to keyword search all entries
  • Email Alerts: Receive an email when someone posts on your interests
  • RSS Feed: Read all the recent blog posts on you Reader.

This flexibility makes Warcraft Bloggers a great tool for players who are looking to stay on top of the game without surfing to several blogs everyday. It is also a great way to discover new blogs because there are new blogs added all the time.

Many of us don’t have the time (because we’d rather be gaming than reading about it) to find articles about how to best play our alts; by using the search feature you can quickly find all the posts on the play of Shaman for example. If you create an account you can set up email alerts based on the keyword searches, then you will receive an email message every time someone posts about your topic(s) with the link to an article and a brief excerpt .

Probably the best use of WarcraftBloggers is the RSS feed of the aggregater. By subscribing you get the easiest most complete way to see all the posts available to you right on your favorite Reader. No copying URLs, no clicking to dozens of blogs, just pages and pages of Azerothian goodness.

Add your Blog

To have your blog added to visit the site and click the Contact Tab at the top of the page. WarcraftBloggers will not affect your blog’s search engine rank. None of your blog content is seen by the search engines, it is shown through ajax calls (just view the source on the home page). In addition, WarcraftBloggers only aggregates the first bit of your post, and links directly to your posts, so all content will be seen as owned and authored by you.

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