With the addition of the Shattered Sun Dailies I find myself wanting for a little more fire power while soloing. Previously I was sporting a full Restoration 0/0/61 build, as the second Tree in the raid I often found myself with the weird healing assignments, the ones that are not conducive to all out HoT healing, so the buff to my Healing Touch and Tranquility were actually doing me some good.

Recently the guilds lead (golden boy perfect attendance) resto druid has been busy with real life stuff and a broken computer so I have had the pleasure of being the “geared” Tree and as such have spent more of my time in a LB, LB, LB, LB, etc. cast sequence. I figure that since I’m HoTing all the time may as well spread some points over on to the Balance Tab.

In the Restoration Tab I took all the Talents that would

  1. Increase the effectiveness of my Three Heal over Time Spells (Lifebloom, Rejuvenation, & Regrowth)
  2. Increase my Over all Healing Spell Effectiveness
  3. Add functionality to HoT healing
  4. Preserve my Emergency Button

45 points in Restoration leaves me with 16 Points in hand. Looking at the Balance Talents I wanted to take talents that would make soloing a bit easier in my +Damage Gear and would in some way benefit my raiding.

In the first Tier I took Starlight Wrath because I don’t like the idea of spending 5 points on an ability I can only use once per fight.

By grabbing control of Nature in the second Tier I essentially give myself the same out, and I can reapply if Roots should break early. Seeing as I shortened the cast time of Wrath and Starfire Focused Starlight was an obvious choice. At the end of long single tank boss fights the DPS can start to slow down (a dead mage does no damage) and I find myself throwing the occasional Moonfire to do my small part to help eek out that last 3%, and since I’ve set myself up to Root and Burn Mobs the added damage to my DoTs is always a good idea.

This brings me to the third tier. Like Phaelia I am a big fan of Thorns. I have always kept Thorns up on Tanks and Pets as a way for them to generate a bit more aggro and to squeeze in a little damage too. Who knows how many 1% wipes could have been turned into wins with the addition of just that little bit of damage… For the soloing side I also like the synergy of Brambles and Force of Nature. With the two I can Root the mob down and do a little more damage while they sit there stewing.

Finally in the Balance Tree I picked Insect Swarm. Talking to a few Boomkins I learned that many of them skip this talent all together because adding another Instant Cast and Global Cool Down to their spell rotation seriously gimps their DPS. Since healing is not their job they don’t consider the benefit of the 2% chance to miss or they figure that the tanks are all set without it. Healing is my job and I know what a deal an additional 2% to miss is, and one the soling end I know I can throw three DoTs (Moonfire, Insect Swarm, and Entangling Roots) onto a mob and have them half dead before I even start spamming Wrath. I also like that the HoTs slow the casting speed of all those nasty ranged attack mobs who still get me while they are rooted.

With this new spec I find the following cast sequence works very well:

  • Starfire
  • Entangling Roots
  • Moonfire
  • Insect Swarm
  • Wrath
  • Wrath
  • Wrath

Most of the time I finish the mob off shortly after Moonfire expires so I don’t worry about reapplying my HoTs. I have found that if I cast Moonfire right on top of my Entangling Roots it seems to break the root effect less often. If roots breaks before the second Wrath I reapply it for melee mobs and just blast through for ranged.

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