Resurrection raids four nights a week (Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday) so last night was a raid night. On the docket was our first go at Mount Hyjal. Checking over at be.imba most of the guild is geared for the first boss or two and we’ve been looking for some sort of pick me up so mixing things up seems like a good idea.

Zoning in to an instance for the first time is one of my favorite parts of this game, so I was pretty stoked to be in MH. Our first attempt of the initial event went very well. We made it through to the seventh of the eight waves before our healing broke down and we wiped. 7 out of 8 on a first attempt without having read the strats is very good and we know we’ll get it next time.

We’re cooking with gas on our next attempt. We are in the 8th wave the tanks are up, the healers have plenty of mana, none of the DPS is down, and the Friendly NPCs are all looking healthy. Then I spike some lag, “I’m lagging guys” goes out over vent and is met with a cacophony of “me too”-s.

Silent moments go by everyone else running in place. Finally, tentatively, I step out of my position. Wandering around fearful that at any moment the server could come back up and I’ll be right in the middle of a pack of mobs, and dead before I can say “oh shit.”

My fears go unfounded as moments turn to minutes. Then realization that the server will not be back anytime spreads through the raid. Once we all get bounced out of the game the crest fallen silence gives way to idle chatter and for some reason the whole group seems to come together on vent. The chat is positive and light and for the first time in recent memory we sound like a team. The raid leader makes a few announcements about cleaning up our kara raids so that they go well and people get their badges. Briefly we discuss who will be available tomorrow to raid.

As people start going their seperate ways I feel content with my guild for the first time in months we seem like a group. Not as important but also nice we seem motivated. Driven to kick the crap out of something new, and maybe get some nice loot for our efforts.

I’m not sure but it might this “server disaster” could be just what we needed to start progressing a boss a week again.

GG Blizz. GG Instance Server.