Because I’ve been so busy lately this post lacks the usual explanation of the trash leading up to the boss. I’m Sorry. Never fear I intend to explain those pulls next week when I detail the Romulo and Julianne fight.

The Opera House is the last area of Karazhan that you will reach via the front door. The Opera House is unique in that the boss fight is a random selection from one of three fights, Romulo and Julianne, Wizard of Oz, and The Big Bad Wolf. Adding to the fun is the fact that you don’t know which fight you’ll be doing until it is too late to fully explain the strategy.
For the first installment of The Opera House sub series we’ll look at the simplest fight strategy wise, The Big Bad Wolf. Big Bad Wolf is a single Mob Tank and spank with one twist, periodically he will turn one member of the raid into Little Red Riding Hood. Reducing their armor to zero and making them as cute as a damn button. He will then chase that player around trying to hit them if he catches them he will kill them into two hits.


The Wolf only has three abilities two of which should have very little impact on the raid.

  • Little Red Riding Hood: Cast on a random player other than top threat, this debuff turns the victim into Little Red Riding Hood, reduces your armor to zero, increases your run speed and makes you the sole object of the BBWs desire. In order to live you must run around the room right against the wall.
    Do Not Cut Corners if your track is shorter the Wolf Catches up. In order to give yourself a snowballs chance in hell of getting a way it is important to position the boss and tank Upstage Left (bottom right corner) and everyone else Upstage Right (bottom left).
    There are only a few ways to escape the Wolf; Vanish, Ice Block, Blessing of Protection, and Feign Death in each case the target keeps the debuff. This means that the rogue must stay vanished or the hunter must stay feigned etc.
    Because of the limited escape options it is important for the group to be focused and disciplined. I recommend you keep your melee dps with the ranged until he Little Reds someone then have them chase the big guy around getting their licks in until the debuff wears off at which point they should stop dps and go back to the corner.
    When he stops chasing someone he wipes his aggro table so it important to stop all dps and let your tank pick it up again.
  • Wide Swipe: Temporary stun of the player with the most threat. While the debuff may be short it is helpful to have your OT in place to keep BBW form running towards the raid and shortening your head start for the Little Red Riding Hood Kiting. The only problem with this is that the OT may be picked for LRRH so you must have a plan for how you are going to rescue heal, BoP or Resurrect him/her.
  • Terrifying Howl: AoE Fear, Affects everyone in melee range (not used during LRRH) for the most part this effect is a non issue but you can take steps to eliminate the annoyance of it with a Fear Ward or Tremor Totem.

Druid Healing Tips:

As with most fights you should keep Lifebloom rolling on your Tank(s). Set your focus to the Boss so that you can watch who he targets and be ready to heal who ever he breifly targets before switching back to the tank as this person is about to become Little Red Riding Hood. This also puts you at the ready if it is you who is about to have to run away. A well timed Nature’s Swiftness & Healing Touch combination could save one player during the course of the fight. I recommend saving it for a tank or a healer as the fight is not terribly DPS dependent.
Fel Blossom and Limited Vulnerability Potions may be helpful but are certainly not necessary.

Tree-ish Drops:

Lots of decent Tree drops here:
Big Bad Wolf’s Head
Red Riding Hood’s Cloak
Ribbon of Sacrafice
Earthsoul Leggings