Returning from Kansas I was certainly tempted to tackle the Oz event instead of Romulo and Julianne but a promise is a promise and I told you all that I would take on the star crossed lovers next.

Based on Shakespeare’s classic tragedy Romulo and Julianne is a three phase two boss couples fight, similair to the Scarlet Monastery Armory’s, High Inquisitor Whitemane and Scarlet Commander Mograine.

For this fight you will kill one boss, then the other boss, and then both bosses together. To add to the complexity of the situation in the last phase you have to kill them within 10 seconds of each other otherwise they will respawn with full health and in all likelihood you will die.

Phase the first: Julianne

During this first phase you may want to have your off tank pick up Julianne and drag her to stage right. This is for the sake of repetition because in phase three the off tank will be on Julianne and he will, wait for it, have to pull her to the right.

Julianne is a priest type with a strong buff (Devotion: Holy damage dealt is increased by 50% Spell casting speed is increased by 50% for 10 sec) that must be removed quickly and heals (Eternal Affection: Calls upon Holy magic to heal an ally Cast Time 2 seconds) which need to be interrupted.

Besides making sure your DPS is awake Julianne has a two other abilities that everyone should be aware of Powerful Attraction is a 6 second stun which can affect even the tank, and Blinding Passion is a ranged Damage spell with and upfront direct damage and a tailing damage over time component.

For the sake of consistency have a dedicated interrupter and a dedicated debuffer who will take care of both phases one and three. The interrupter should focus on the Healing Spell. For phase one if you have a second interrupt available have that person break up whatever other spells they can to ease the strain on the healers.

Drop Julianne on the Right side of the room so that it is easier to pick her up and position her when she resurrects after phase two.

Phase the second: Romulo

Romulo is your typical Venetian Sword Fighter, dealing out a fair amount of physical damage with a wide angle cleave (Deadly Swathe: Strikes at nearby enemies in front of the caster, inflicting weapon damage plus 300) which will hit everyone in an arch in front of him, and nasty weapon posion (Poisoned Thrust: All statistics reduced by 10%) which if allowed would stack up to 8 times on your tank (ouchy) and a self buff( Daring: Increases the Physical damage dealt by the caster by 50% and the caster’s attack speed by 50% for 8 sec) which signifacantly increases his damage output and a backwards stab (Backwards Lunge: Strikes at an enemy behind the caster, inflicting weapon damage plus 300) which will tag the occasional melee DPSer for a fair amount of damage.

Similarly to phase one you should assign roles for this phase and phase three as all the same functions will need to be carried out a second time and repletion makes the world go ’round (or something). You’ll want to have your Main Tank on Romulo as his physical damage is much higher you will also need a second debuff player to remove Romulo’s self buff. If you do not have a Resto Druid in your group (and you should) make sure someone is assigned to remove poison from the tank. Kill Romulo on the left side of the stage and be ready to repeat the same thing in phase 3.

Phase the third: Together they fall

In the third phase have your tanks standing on the star crossed lovers corpses to pick them up quickly. The players you assigned roles in the previous two phases will perform their jobs as before removing buffs and interrupting spells. Your raid DPS will need to be split between the two bosses so that they die within ten seconds of each other. It is generally easier to have your ranged DPS focus on Romulo so that their is no one in range of his cleave and backwards stab. If one half of the group is significantly ahead you may call for the DPS to focus on the higher life target.

Strategy wise this fight is all in the first two phases. You can practice for the real fight and make sure that everyone knows what is going on. In the third phase the greatest challenge comes from the depths of your groups mana pools. If your dps is low your healers will be taxed out before the phase is done and chances are that under geared casters will be at risk of going OOM as well.

Druid Healing Strategies

This fight is perfect for dual tank healing using lifebloom stacks while still granting you the time to throw a raid healing regrowth every third cast. In phases two and three be ready to cast abolish poison so that your tank is not stacked up. If you are on the lesser geared end of the spectrum plan to use your innervate going into the third phase.

Druid Loot:

As with the other two opera events this event can drop the Earthsoul Leggings, and the Ribbon of Sacrafice, and although it is not leather some druids may benefit from the Masquerade Gown.