Sioban is a level 70 Night Elf Female Restoration Druid on the US server Magtheridon who focuses on end-game raiding with the guild Resurrection. Sioban started raiding a few months before the release of the Burning Crusade expansion, and has raided in the all three of the most common raiding talent builds, Restoration, Balance, and Feral.

This blog focuses on End-Game Raiding, Encounter Mechanics, Add-ons and UI Customization and Restoration Druid specific issues. The blog is geared toward a moderately experienced WoW gamer. A Player who is trying to break into raiding or who is currently progressing through end-game content. The emphasis is on practical in game tips and methods. Theory-crafting is important but is better left to those with bigger pocket protectors than mine.

“If being serious about raiding and coming prepared to raids makes you a hard-core player than I guess I am. Not that I’m a great player necessarily but I’m trying. I think that knowing your class and your role is the most important factor to being a good player, so I read a lot.”

I’m writing this blog because I think that the best way to learn and fully comprehend a concept is to try and teach it to someone else. I also think that there is a lot to learn by looking at other peoples mistakes so I’ll share mine with you. Hopefully, I’ll have some success to share as well.

I welcome comments and feedback. If you’d like to send me an email my address is the name of this blog (lifebloomer)