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With the addition of the Shattered Sun Dailies I find myself wanting for a little more fire power while soloing. Previously I was sporting a full Restoration 0/0/61 build, as the second Tree in the raid I often found myself with the weird healing assignments, the ones that are not conducive to all out HoT healing, so the buff to my Healing Touch and Tranquility were actually doing me some good.

Recently the guilds lead (golden boy perfect attendance) resto druid has been busy with real life stuff and a broken computer so I have had the pleasure of being the “geared” Tree and as such have spent more of my time in a LB, LB, LB, LB, etc. cast sequence. I figure that since I’m HoTing all the time may as well spread some points over on to the Balance Tab.

In the Restoration Tab I took all the Talents that would

  1. Increase the effectiveness of my Three Heal over Time Spells (Lifebloom, Rejuvenation, & Regrowth)
  2. Increase my Over all Healing Spell Effectiveness
  3. Add functionality to HoT healing
  4. Preserve my Emergency Button

45 points in Restoration leaves me with 16 Points in hand. Looking at the Balance Talents I wanted to take talents that would make soloing a bit easier in my +Damage Gear and would in some way benefit my raiding.

In the first Tier I took Starlight Wrath because I don’t like the idea of spending 5 points on an ability I can only use once per fight.

By grabbing control of Nature in the second Tier I essentially give myself the same out, and I can reapply if Roots should break early. Seeing as I shortened the cast time of Wrath and Starfire Focused Starlight was an obvious choice. Read the rest of this entry »

This week I think I found the balance of Real Life and WoW that works for me. Due to a limited number of Raid Spots I did not raid this week, I could have, don’t get me wrong. I spent only three nights out of the past seven at the computer. Having four nights free gave me time to spend with my wife. We took a two long rides together on her new snowmobile, spent a night with her family and last night, being Valentines Day, we spent the evening hanging out together without so much as a radio on. I think that there have had so much free time that it has started to annoy Mandy. By now she’s probably wishing for more “ME” time.

Since I haven’t been raiding I spent some time leveling a Mage with a few Real Life Friends. Back when I started playing WoW I played almost exclusively with people I knew in Real Life. The two people who got me into WoW and I created a guild called Benevolent Savages. BS was a mature social guild, we worked together through levels 1-60 playing casually, running instances, and doing teh peeveepee. We picked up the occasional additional player when they showed themselves not to be complete asshats. Read the rest of this entry »


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