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Wizardry Start ScreenEveryone who has ever played any sort of RPG has faced the daunting challenge of coming up with the “right name” for their character. I can spend so much time before the game even starts, feeling the immense pressure of needing a name that conveys my considerable coolness. A name that explains something about my character and is some how fantastical enough for the RPGs I play. I have spent so much time that I still remember the character creation page of every RPG I’ve played. Going all the way back to Wizardry on the original Nintendo. I don’t remember anything about the game play or even the character names I chose but I still remember those first few minutes sitting there choosing a persona that I would be taking up for the next several month or years. In the case of Wizardry your beginning stats were random so you created your characters multiple times until you got a roll with the most points possible. You could spend hours just creating your first character, In the almost entirely text based interface staring at your 13″ TV Screen. Read the rest of this entry »


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