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Yesterday I realized just how much I miss when I go away for a few days. While I was in Baltimore Mirari AKA Stephen Schmitt released an update for Lifebloomer. Since the he new version has some new features that I find very helpful I figure it is time for a revitalized write-up. .

Lifebloomer 1.5 Released

Lifebloomer the most helpful Restoration Druid Specific Add-on I have found, has been updated for 2.4.

Lifebloomer is helpful for monitoring and rolling stacks of Lifebloom on your Tanks. With bars to show the duration of the three Druid Heal Over Time (HOT) Spells and an indicator for Global Cool Down (GCD), this add-on is my primary method of healing during Multi-Tank fights.

Those of you familiar with Lifebloom will find the addition of Healing and Damage indicators on each Unit Frame. A simple color coded number shows you at a glance which of your tanks are still taking damage and how much they are taking, the numbers indicate damage to the target with and the colors show whether or not the target has aggro. Yellow numbers mean the target has aggro and blue show that the target is aggro free. During four tank trash pulls it is hard to tell if a tank is still taking damage (your heals can be so l33t) and you don’t generally have time to watch four targets that closely. With the addition of the damage/aggro indicator you can suspend unnecessary healing or add more HoTs or throw a Direct Heal if your HoTs are not keeping up. Read the rest of this entry »

This is the first installment of what will hopefully become a complete guide to Karazhan. I am fortunate that I have so many real life friends who play WoW with me. Recently my father and two cousins completed their attunement quests and are gearing up to get into their first ten mans ever. As the most experienced player in the family it falls to me to lead them so I’m writing this guide as part research and part observation I intent to make tweaks to the guide based on our own personal strategies and group dynamics, so that I don’t have to stay a quasi-scraper for too long.

The StablesThe Stables:

The initial area in Karazhan contains four types of mobs, two bosses, although no one ever does one of them, and a handful of NPCs.


The first trash pulls in the instance are on a 25 minute timer. You need to kill Attumen & Midnight before the timer is up because as the mobs respawn they will run in and join the fray. So if you find yourself standing at the boss pull with 24 minutes passed you may as well go back and start again.

Spectral Charger– UNDEAD <Crowd Controllable> Chargers have a short range charge that does a fair amount of damage and causes a short term stun. The charge ability can be avioded by staying at max range and by having melee stay in tight. Chargers also do an AOE fear so make sure you are working in a clear area, often times pulling into the next room. Read the rest of this entry »

Periodically while reading Druid blogs all around the interweb I have little epiphanies. I remember the overwhelming sense of awe (and duh) I felt when I learned that Lifebloom could be rolled on a target to prevent it blooming…

Moonglade Teleport: Moonglade
120 Mana
10 sec cast
Teleports the caster to the Moonglade.

I was speced Feral from 60-70 and started raiding Karazhan as an OT so I never bothered to figure out what that new healing spell I got at lvl 64  had was capable of. When soloing I would stack LBs on myself before starting a tough pull but when in Bearform I couldn’t exactly reapply.  Read the rest of this entry »


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