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Look at Those Camel ToesDue to some technical difficulties and lack of raid spots I have not been able to raid since well before Christmas, with the exception of one quick run into Gruul’s Liar. Located in Blade’s Edge Mountain, Gruul’s is a 25 Man instance with two bosses and minimal trash. My guild Resurrection has had Gruul’s on farm for a few months now and I have picked up a few items, most recently Pauldrons of the Fallen Defender, which gets me Tier 4 Shoulders my first Tier piece since Molten Core.

The first boss In Gruul’s Lair is High King Maulgar. This ugly bugger is only about 5 trash pulls into the instance. Continuing the multi-tank theme that pervades the BC expansion this boss has 4 servants each of whom requires a tank. Besides standard tank classes (2 or 3 Warriors, maybe a Druid or two), you will need to use some less typical tanking classes, a Mage will definitely need to tank, and you may use two Hunters or Shaman as well.

Maulgar’s Servants are (in Kill order): Read the rest of this entry »


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