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My guild Resurrection tries to run 25 mans with just one RestoDruid, sad I know. I think it’s because most of the boss guides out there recommend 2 Pallys, 2 Preists, 2 Shaman, and 1 Druid, with more Pallys or Priests on healing heavy fights. Because of this Uni-Tree approach I frequently compete with another Druid for my spot (until one of the slacker pallys is a no show then we run two). Unfortunately for me the guilds other raiding druid Xupiter is a golden boy, perfect attendance, better gear, nicer smile… So lately I’ve been put into a situation where I get to raid on the bosses that he doesn’t need anything from. Not the best situation to be sure but I can’t dedicate the time to get a primary spot anyways. On the plus side I get to raid mostly on farm bosses, so the repair bills are lower.

In order to facilitate this arrangement it has become necessary for me to generate a list of which bosses I need gear from. So lucky you I’m doing a 25 Man Resto Druid Gear Guide, for now I’ll stick with the content that we are currently working on.

Gruul’s Lair   LB +Heal MP5 Spi Int Sta Miscellaneous Up
High King Maulgar                  
Pauldron’s of the Fallen Defender Shoulder 33.45 68 5 19 23 19 Shoulderguards of Malorne, T4,2 Blue Sockets E
Gruul the Dragonkiller                  
Cowl of Nature’s Breath Head 31.25 92   34 42 34   Y
Leggings of the Fallen Defender Legs 37.73 84 10 26 38 30 Legguards of Malorne, T4 N
Teeth of Gruul Neck 24.22 46 8 19 21     Y

The LB Points come directly from the Healing Gear List, I like that index for comparing Resto Gear. Read the rest of this entry »


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