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I’m a busy tree, besides the 9-5 I also:

  • volunteer at a local ski resort 1 day a week helping disabled people learn to ski,
  • am a volunteer/call firefighter,
  • am the events chair for my alma mater’s hockey team booster club (Go Cats!),
  • run my own small catering company,
  • take part in the occasional play at the local community theater.

So maybe it’s not a huge surprise that Sunday night half way through a raid I started to feel sleepy, really sleepy. After our first attempt on Solarian (if you’re the bomb get out), I dutifully ran back and made it to the chamber before the trash re-spawned. This is where the details get foggy, in my mind we were waiting to get some replacements in and they were going to need summons because the trash timer was up (I have no idea if this was really the case) so I put my head down for a second “Just resting my eyes“.

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High Astromancer SolarianThe best raiding nights are those in which you can down a boss an hour with so little durability loss that you make money on the endeavor.

Last night Resurrection took our fourth crack at Solarian. The second boss in our progression through The Eye, (Void Reaver is on farm status). In the past we’ve had hardware and n00b issues that were preventing us from seeing what a truly easy fight this girl is.

For those who don’t know the fight High Astromancer Solarian. Is a two phase fight, with serious anti-raid abilities but little melee damage output for your tank to worry about. Read the rest of this entry »


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