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My guild Resurrection tries to run 25 mans with just one RestoDruid, sad I know. I think it’s because most of the boss guides out there recommend 2 Pallys, 2 Preists, 2 Shaman, and 1 Druid, with more Pallys or Priests on healing heavy fights. Because of this Uni-Tree approach I frequently compete with another Druid for my spot (until one of the slacker pallys is a no show then we run two). Unfortunately for me the guilds other raiding druid Xupiter is a golden boy, perfect attendance, better gear, nicer smile… So lately I’ve been put into a situation where I get to raid on the bosses that he doesn’t need anything from. Not the best situation to be sure but I can’t dedicate the time to get a primary spot anyways. On the plus side I get to raid mostly on farm bosses, so the repair bills are lower.

In order to facilitate this arrangement it has become necessary for me to generate a list of which bosses I need gear from. So lucky you I’m doing a 25 Man Resto Druid Gear Guide, for now I’ll stick with the content that we are currently working on.

Gruul’s Lair   LB +Heal MP5 Spi Int Sta Miscellaneous Up
High King Maulgar                  
Pauldron’s of the Fallen Defender Shoulder 33.45 68 5 19 23 19 Shoulderguards of Malorne, T4,2 Blue Sockets E
Gruul the Dragonkiller                  
Cowl of Nature’s Breath Head 31.25 92   34 42 34   Y
Leggings of the Fallen Defender Legs 37.73 84 10 26 38 30 Legguards of Malorne, T4 N
Teeth of Gruul Neck 24.22 46 8 19 21     Y

The LB Points come directly from the Healing Gear List, I like that index for comparing Resto Gear. Read the rest of this entry »

High Astromancer SolarianThe best raiding nights are those in which you can down a boss an hour with so little durability loss that you make money on the endeavor.

Last night Resurrection took our fourth crack at Solarian. The second boss in our progression through The Eye, (Void Reaver is on farm status). In the past we’ve had hardware and n00b issues that were preventing us from seeing what a truly easy fight this girl is.

For those who don’t know the fight High Astromancer Solarian. Is a two phase fight, with serious anti-raid abilities but little melee damage output for your tank to worry about. Read the rest of this entry »


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