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This week after an unsuccessful attempt on Solarian, a few guildies threw together a Karazhan group after all it’s only 12:30 why should we go to bed sooo early, right? The guild has had kara on farm for quite a while but I am USUALLY drop cursed, and as such have only picked up a few pieces from the instance most of which were things noone else wanted and I took them for my cat or bear sets not healing. This run was quite a bit different. I have run Shadow Labs 40 times hoping that the Idol of the Emerald Queen would drop. It hasn’t and for the record SLabs is the worst instance to get a group for. I may as well be PUGing AQ40 pre-BC. The first night in Moroes drops Idol of the Avian Heart and as I’m the only Resto Druid it goes to me, score (I would rather have the SLabs drop considering how often I cast Healing Touch, but now my at least I have a healing idol).
Over the course of the week we find time to clear through Prince and my luck never changed. In all I picked up seven upgrades this week:

2. Ribbon of Sacrifice
3.Forest Wind Shoulder Pads
4.Headdress of the High Potentate
5. Stainless Cloak of the Pure Hearted
6. Violet Signet–my rep went up.
7. Necklace of Eternal Hope–from badges

After squallering without a single upgrade for more than a month (admittedly I wasn’t on that often), and falling far enough behind gear wise as to lose my spot in raids, I’ve changed 9 pieces in a week. Now I’m almost to where I need to be for SSC, where I’m sure I won’t see a drop for another month, I shoulda kept my mouth shut…


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