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Returning from Kansas I was certainly tempted to tackle the Oz event instead of Romulo and Julianne but a promise is a promise and I told you all that I would take on the star crossed lovers next.

Based on Shakespeare’s classic tragedy Romulo and Julianne is a three phase two boss couples fight, similair to the Scarlet Monastery Armory’s, High Inquisitor Whitemane and Scarlet Commander Mograine.

For this fight you will kill one boss, then the other boss, and then both bosses together. To add to the complexity of the situation in the last phase you have to kill them within 10 seconds of each other otherwise they will respawn with full health and in all likelihood you will die.

Phase the first: Julianne

During this first phase you may want to have your off tank pick up Julianne and drag her to stage right. This is for the sake of repetition because in phase three the off tank will be on Julianne and he will, wait for it, have to pull her to the right. Read the rest of this entry »

Because I’ve been so busy lately this post lacks the usual explanation of the trash leading up to the boss. I’m Sorry. Never fear I intend to explain those pulls next week when I detail the Romulo and Julianne fight.

The Opera House is the last area of Karazhan that you will reach via the front door. The Opera House is unique in that the boss fight is a random selection from one of three fights, Romulo and Julianne, Wizard of Oz, and The Big Bad Wolf. Adding to the fun is the fact that you don’t know which fight you’ll be doing until it is too late to fully explain the strategy.
For the first installment of The Opera House sub series we’ll look at the simplest fight strategy wise, The Big Bad Wolf. Big Bad Wolf is a single Mob Tank and spank with one twist, periodically he will turn one member of the raid into Little Red Riding Hood. Reducing their armor to zero and making them as cute as a damn button. He will then chase that player around trying to hit them if he catches them he will kill them into two hits.


The Wolf only has three abilities two of which should have very little impact on the raid.

  • Little Red Riding Hood: Cast on a random player other than top threat, this debuff turns the victim into Little Red Riding Hood, reduces your armor to zero, increases your run speed and makes you the sole object of the BBWs desire. In order to live you must run around the room right against the wall.
    Do Not Cut Corners if your track is shorter the Wolf Catches up. In order to give yourself a snowballs chance in hell of getting a way it is important to position the boss and tank Upstage Left (bottom right corner) and everyone else Upstage Right (bottom left).
    Read the rest of this entry »

My guild Resurrection tries to run 25 mans with just one RestoDruid, sad I know. I think it’s because most of the boss guides out there recommend 2 Pallys, 2 Preists, 2 Shaman, and 1 Druid, with more Pallys or Priests on healing heavy fights. Because of this Uni-Tree approach I frequently compete with another Druid for my spot (until one of the slacker pallys is a no show then we run two). Unfortunately for me the guilds other raiding druid Xupiter is a golden boy, perfect attendance, better gear, nicer smile… So lately I’ve been put into a situation where I get to raid on the bosses that he doesn’t need anything from. Not the best situation to be sure but I can’t dedicate the time to get a primary spot anyways. On the plus side I get to raid mostly on farm bosses, so the repair bills are lower.

In order to facilitate this arrangement it has become necessary for me to generate a list of which bosses I need gear from. So lucky you I’m doing a 25 Man Resto Druid Gear Guide, for now I’ll stick with the content that we are currently working on.

Gruul’s Lair   LB +Heal MP5 Spi Int Sta Miscellaneous Up
High King Maulgar                  
Pauldron’s of the Fallen Defender Shoulder 33.45 68 5 19 23 19 Shoulderguards of Malorne, T4,2 Blue Sockets E
Gruul the Dragonkiller                  
Cowl of Nature’s Breath Head 31.25 92   34 42 34   Y
Leggings of the Fallen Defender Legs 37.73 84 10 26 38 30 Legguards of Malorne, T4 N
Teeth of Gruul Neck 24.22 46 8 19 21     Y

The LB Points come directly from the Healing Gear List, I like that index for comparing Resto Gear. Read the rest of this entry »


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